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Cookie Policy


Cookies are small text files that are installed in a temporary memory by a website depending on selected browser (and therefore on the selected device to the Platform, such as PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) that is able to record some information relating to your browsing activity. All data, if the cookies are not disabled, are sended to the site that installed them every time you return to visit that site. Cookies therefore allow you to (temporarily) record some information relating to your preferences, but at the same time allow for simplified navigation and greater ease of use and effectiveness of the site you are visiting


Cookies, as regards their duration, are divided into:

and as regards their realization in:



You can prevent the installation of cookies, which normally occurs automatically with most browsers, by disabling the functions of your browser to enable the reception of cookies.

To understand the right procedure, we recommend that you click on the link of your navigation browser:


Pursuant to the GDPR, the company Lensbeer di Caruso Sebastiano , with registered office in Verona, in via Scrimiari 59, C.F. and VAT number CRSSST95E21C372L, e-Mail: IT02701300226, PEC: (which we will also indicate as the "Owner"), install on your device:

  1. TECHNICAL COOKIES: automatically some technical cookies (session and persistent), or files that allow the correct and easy use of the Platform:
    1. Own technical and essential cookies: they allow you to browse the Platform - without them the Platform may not work. In order to release these cookies, current legislation does not ask for your prior consent, other than to indicate them in the information;
    2. own, technical and persistent cookies: it facilitates navigation on the Platform avoiding that the brief information (so-called pop-up banner), which asks you for consent to release cookies on your device, is re-proposed to you even after your consent
    3. third-party cookies, anonymous and persistent analytics: it allows us to collect aggregate and anonymous data on the use of the Platform. The IP address is obscured in its last part.
  2. PROFILING COOKIES: only after your consent, we will install some types of persistent profiling cookies created by third parties (for example some cookies may be present in images, maps, videos, sounds, links to pages external to the Platform , etc.), which have the task of memorizing your profile to allow the sending of targeted advertising messages on the preferences you have expressed while browsing the Platform:
    1. Profiling cookies made by third parties and related to other services (session and persistent): some pages of the Platform are characterized by the presence of some plugins that could allow a third party to release profiling cookies on your device. You can find the privacy information and how to delete these cookies at these links:
    2. profiling cookies created by third parties and relating to statistical services (session and persistent): these cookies allow you to know how you visit the Platform and allow you to evaluate and make any changes relating to the possibility of using the information and services. These cookies allow you to know:
      • the number of visitors to the Platform;
      • the average time spent on the Platform;
      • the channels from which the Platform is accessed, the most visited sections, etc.


To carry out these operations we use the Google Analytics service - a web analytics service, provided by Google. This system releases cookies on your device and generates information on your use of the Platform that is transmitted and stored by Google (the servers where they are stored may be in the United States). Google uses this information to:

Google may also transfer this information to third parties if required by law, or in the case of third parties who process this information on their behalf

Google does not associate your IP address with any other data that Google owns (we have in fact deactivated all the sharing functions of your personal data, except the 'Benchmarking' function which processes aggregate and anonymous data – and we have masked part of your IP address.

To read Google's privacy policy and get further information, you can click on these links:

You can find the instructions to cancel or block the surveys through this service by clicking on this link:


To check which cookies are installed on your device, and possibly change your choices, you can change the privacy settings in the control panel of your navigation browser and / or visit this site

You can find further basic information on the privacy configuration of your navigation browser by clicking on this link!/.

You can also check, and possibly modify, your choices regarding 'Behavioral Online Advertising' (i.e. the method that allows third parties to send you advertising messages on the websites you visit, making them more in line with your needs and your interests) we recommend that you visit this site where you will find the information and tools to perform these operations:

If you disable the services that install cookies, we inform you that you may not be able to fully use the Platform.

The duration of the cookies that are installed on your device depends on their nature:

To check the duration of each cookie you can use tools such as 'Wappalyzer' (downloadable for free by clicking on this link

Informationen über die Cookies auf dieser Seite

Diese Website verwendet anonyme technische und statistische Cookies, die für ihren Betrieb erforderlich sind. Es verwendet auch analytic cookies, die standardmäßig deaktiviert sind und nur mit Ihrer Zustimmung aktiviert werden.

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